The holiday season is upon us! Flights, hotels, and Airbnb’s are getting booked up, and decorations are already being displayed around town. If you are short on time and energy this year (who isn’t?) and want to avoid a Griswold-style Christmas, seriously consider hiring a professional Christmas light installation company to put up and take down your Christmas lights.

Here at HydroPro Landscaping, we prepare for the most illuminated holiday months in advance — Christmas. We know people are already planning their home lighting designs, and there’s nothing more exciting to us than planning and completing lighting installation projects.

Every Christmas, homeowners pay anywhere from $100 to $1,000 and up on Christmas lights alone. In fact, the National Average is close to $400. In addition to lights, ladders, and time, hanging Christmas lights is a complicated job, as well as potentially very dangerous. There are several reasons why it’s best to hire a professional to hang the Christmas lights. For starters, it’s much more convenient, safe, and creative.

By working with a professional company, you have the flexibility to change your lighting from year to year, with no need to organize and store boxes of string lights that may or may not work once you plug them in.

Working with a professional is a full-service operation. HydroPro Landscaping provides the lights, the decor, the installation, and maintenance. We put them up and take them down. Your only job is the fun one — picking the design!

Why Hire a Pro to Hang Your Christmas Lights?

  1. Flexibility — Don’t spend hundreds on a lighting display and then be forced to use it year after year to make it worth the initial cost. Christmas lighting should never be stale. By working with a professional, we provide the lighting, and you can pick a different design each year to keep the holidays fun and fresh.
  2. Festive Designs — Big, bold designs are within your reach when you work with a professional company. You choose your lighting design and we make it happen. Imagine your family’s faces when they pull up to your bright and festive home. Bring the cheer with Christmas lighting from HydroPro Landscaping.
  3. Convenient — The holidays pass by so quickly. It’s often the busiest time of year for big families. If you’re looking to illuminate your home, but don’t have the time or equipment necessary to make it happen, HydroPro Landscaping is just a phone call away! No storing lighting and decor in your home, taking up space year-round. We put it up, and come January, we take it down.
  4. Cost-Effective — The cost of buying all the necessary decor and equipment far surpasses the cost of an annual installation. Plus, you don’t have to keep the decorations in your home when the time comes to take it all down. Spend money on the installation of a quality design, and then spend the rest of your time and budget on your family.
  5. Safety First — Many homeowners don’t own the proper equipment to install Christmas lighting safely. From a tall enough ladder, to the proper tools, to working with electrical parts, a professional lighting service will know exactly what needs to be done and bring all the equipment to complete the project. If you’re looking to place lighting high in your front trees or around your roof, it’s best to trust this task to the professionals.

Things to Consider When Hiring a Professional Christmas Light Installer: 

  1. Licensed & Insured — It’s very important that you hire a qualified company. Due to the fact that the lighting technicians will be on your roof, it’s crucial that the company you hire is insured and certified. Proper equipment must be used with expert know-how. By working with HydroPro Landscaping, you won’t need to worry about anything falling back on you, the homeowner. We are licensed and insured to perform lighting installations on your property. We use the best and safest equipment, and can provide any certifications you request before the project begins.
  2. Cost — Based on your design, the price of the lighting installation can cost around $400 and up. This is dependent on the size of your home, and the design you have in mind. Contact HydroPro Landscaping for a free estimate.