Maintaining an attractive and healthy lawn in West Texas is sometimes not easy. While Bermuda grass is drought and heat tolerant, it still requires a lot of time, resources and energy keeping it looking top notch. Covert unused grass areas to xeriscape today!

Converting unused grass areas can be a big decision but, don’t be concerned that xeriscape is just rocks and cacti. There are thousands of drought tolerant plants out there to bring color, beauty and function to your landscape.

Top Ten Reasons to Convert to Xeriscape

  1. Save Time – Grass will need mowing once every week to two weeks. Also including pest control and fertilizing as required. Lawn equipment requires maintenance.


  1. Save Water – Grass needs two to three times more water than xeriscape landscape. On average Bermuda grass required about 60 Inches of water a year.


  1. Save Energy – A lawn has been shown to reduce home cooling requirements as much as 4 percent compared to a home with no vegetation cover. However, a xeriscape with good tree or shrub placement can cut cooling cost up to 46 percent.


  1. Save Money – Save on the cost of water, fertilizer, mowing and labor.


  1. Save Landfill Space – Grass clippings create a great deal of waste for the landfills.


  1. Decrease Air and Noise Pollution – Two cycles engines such as gas-powered mowers, blowers and weed trimmers need for grass maintenance contribute to our air pollution problems.


  1. Provide needed Habitat for Wildlife – Grass does little help to nature, but use of native plants, shrubs, and trees offer familiar and varied habitat for local wildlife.


  1. Set an Example – One good conversion begets another..convert to Xeriscape to demonstrate a commitment to using our natural resources wisely.


  1. Save Frustration – Common problems include fertilizer issues, dead spots caused by diseases and constant upkeep and maintenance of irrigation.


  1. No More Mowing – The number one reason to convert to Xeriscape. Use all your saved time to enjoy with family and friends.


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