American backyards are where toddlers learn to kick a ball, children pretend, we play with our pets and busy adults sink into habit and unwind. The lawn and landscapes provide a backdrop for these memories making moments are the root of happiness. When lawns are well maintained they protect us from diseases and insects like ticks that can transmit lyme disease, mosquitos that can transmit the west nile virus and other pest that can be harmful to your health. Insects aren’t the only health threats found in lawns, uncontrolled weeds can cause allergies, hindering people’s enjoyment of the outdoors. It’s not just our families health that is at risk, our community is threaten when landscapes aren’t properly taken care of. Invasive plants, grass and insects can kill native grasses, trees and plants. Emerald ash borer have killed hundred of millions of ash trees in neighborhoods across the country. We need to fight back to protect the resources in our community. Proper care, maintenance and protection can allow our children and pets to play outside free of threats of these health harming worries. Healthy managed landscapes clean the air. Glass, plants and trees play a vital role in capturing dust, smoke particles and other pollutants to make our air. Healthy landscapes also prevent soil erosion that absorb unhealthy run off that might flow unfiltered into streams, lakes and other bodies of water and they provide oxygen. In fact a 50’ x 50” lawn produces enough oxygen for a family of four. Healthy lawns and landscapes are essential to our families, communities and the environment. They don’t just happen like all living things, grass and trees need care and attention to ensure their good health to provide the benefits we count on them for. Lawn and landscape professionals are trained in how to bring out these benefits. Stewards of the environment with a host of tools at their disposal including the latest technology and science based control practices. For rigorously tested of registered products to fact based techniques. Landscape professionals works to make sure the properties they care for continue to serve families, communities and the environment. For more information please call us at (325) 864-9404.